FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions - What You Need to Know

Questions and Answers - What You Need to Know

1. Q :  Is this program an online program ?
Answer : No, it is on campus. However, online program is allowed for the first semester of the first year.

2. Q : When am I supposed to come to Chiang Mai?
Answer: All students must attend the some courses onsite. Students should be present in Chiang Mai in October before the 707 course starts.

3. Q:  I do not have English test score when sending application, how soon should I submit the English test score if I am accepted as an iMMH student? 

Ans: The importance of the valid Eng result is that it will change the student status from 'conditional/temporary' to 'unconditional/full-time'. The condition of the students affects the order of the thesis development process. Now we put the non-conditional students in the earlier orders followed by the students with conditions. By the end of the first semester (early October), all students must have their concept proposals ready. Students under 'conditional admission' will not be able to request thesis supervisors. That's why we encourage all students to change their status as soon as possible. 


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