Mental Health News Around the World

One of the most under-rated, least talked about topics and discussions all over the world is Mental Health and its impact on the lives of many individuals in the world. From depression to anxiety disorder, some people have lived their lives in need of support, assistance, and importantly, the knowledge to understand their mental illness. By learning and adopting coping techniques and understanding the numerous resources available in their respective communities, some people can find help through many Mental Health organizations that are positive resources within their communities. Among the many Mental Health organizations, including National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI), there are places where people can find information and resources that are useful for them. Mental health is a part of our lives; we have to understand and know how to alleviate the stressors in life, manage our own unhealthy thoughts, and find ways to cope with our mental conditions, including resilience from an eating disorder or incorporation of breathing exercises to calm panic attacks. We live in this world together, and with each other's support, we can help each other understand the impact, whether positive or negative, that Mental Health has on all of us. We will continue to educate the world about Mental Health and its impact that it has in this world. Therefore, these are some resourceful and useful links regarding Mental Health around the world:



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